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Madaba's museum

Madaba's museum found down a small alley a few blocks south of St. George's Church. Just follow the signs. The museum's greatest attraction is a collection of mosaic collages, some of which are in excellent condition.

Established on the site of an ancient chapel, so it's own mosaics form the hub of the museum's collection. The museum also presents traditional embroidered Jordanian dresses, and jewelry and pottery dating back to various ages. At the southern entrance to Madaba, near the King's Highway, is the Church of the Apostles.

The ruins of this Byzantine church date to 578 CE, currently being restored. One of Madaba's most beautiful mosaics adorns the floor of this church. The mosaic known as "Personification of the Sea" and it vividly depicts a woman emerging from the sea, surrounded by mythical aquatic creatures and a hodgepodge of rams, bulls, parrots and exotic vegetation.

The mosaic signed by a mosaicist named Salamanios. Beside it's spectacular collection of mosaics and Byzantine treasures, Madaba is also well-known for it's hand-woven carpets, saddlebags and tapestries. You can see them crafted on the loom.

 madaba mosaic Personification of the Sea

A large restored Jug at the Madaba Museum Exhibits in the Madaba Museum Madaba Museum the museum of the old church of Amos And Casiseos -Guards of The Holy Land Click to enlarge


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