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Aqaba | Marine Life and Coral Reefs

The Gulf of Aqaba is well-known globally as a tourist's paradise overflowing with wildlife and adventure. It hosts about 110 species of soft corals, 120 species of hard corals and over 1000 species of fish. Sting and manta rays, clown, angel, butterfly and lionfish, and occasionally turtles, eels, sea cows, and dolphins are spotted amid the resort's exquisite coral reefs.

The absence of stormy weather and the mild water currents contribute to clear waters, one of Aqaba's exceptional environmental conditions. Warm, clear waters provide a hospitable environment for the growth of corals, and favorable salinity levels provide an environment for myriad varieties of marine-life forms.

Contrary to what many people think, corals are not plants but delicate animals. Because of their slow rate of growth (about 1 cm/year), the corals that are seen today in the Gulf are centuries old.

Besides being a main tourist attraction, the coral reef plays an important role in supporting the survival of various life forms. Thousands of marine creatures coexist in a complex ecosystem ranging form almost invisible species to huge fish and mammals.

The warm waters of Aqaba provide a perfect habitat for an array of unique and dazzlingly colored fish. Because of Aqaba's transparent waters, this rainbow of colors can be experienced without even having to enter the water! The shores of the Gulf are also visited with friendly sea turtles that spend their time swimming among the swirling schools of fish.

Corals, coral fish, reptiles and mammals are only a few to be named of the countless marine creatures living in the waters of Aqaba. Nocturnal animals such as the crab, shrimp and lobster come alive in search of food in the dark hours of the night.


Aqaba Marine Life and Coral Reefs Aqaba Marine Life and Coral Reefs Aqaba Marine Life and Coral Reefs Aqaba Marine Life and Coral Reefs Aqaba Marine Life and Coral Reefs
Anemone - clown fish Aqaba Marine Life and Coral Reefs - Lion fish Bedouin Moon house reef :) Big eye squirrel fish and anthias on house reef Giant clam in coral reef
Gulf of Aqaba, coral reefs Gulf of Aqaba, coral reefs Small fan coral on house reef Soft coral Tube sponges on coral reef
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